Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

1. Our basic philosophy

At AKATSUKA and our home page (referred to below as “this site”) we take protection of your privacy very seriously. We take measures to ensure that any personal data that you give us will be protected.

2. The extent of our data gathering

At this site, internet domains, IP addresses, queries made within the site and other information necessary to help the site operate efficiently are gathered automatically. We do not use cookies (which can gather data from your computer).
Instead of making you fill out a form, your e-mail address is shown automatically when you send us an “inquiry”.

3. Limits on gathering and using information

Information gathered from this site, from inquiries and information sent to this site, will only be used to better service and to operate and improve the operation of this site. Opinions received will be used to further improve our service.
Information gathered from this site will never be given to any third party except under a legal order, the request of the person themselves or other special circumstances.

4. Concerning Java Script

Some of the services on this site use Java Script. Please enable your browser to accept Java Script.

5. The extent of application

This privacy policy is only extended to this site.


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