Message from the Director

Message from the Director of the Research Institute

The Akatsuka Group's biological process research started in 1967 to bring about the mass-production of orchids using tissue-culture technology. As a result of that cutting-edge research, formerly rare orchids became popular for people in the country to enjoy. In order to grow the gardening industry and spread more flowering plants, we later expanded that effort to a variety of flowering trees such as rhododendron and mountain laurel. The Akatsuka Group's original technology is renowned in Japan for making them popular as important parts of public and home gardens.

In another exciting research project that helps people throughout the world enjoy more beautiful flowers, our Institute for Biological Process Research worked together with Mie University to determine how Actinomycetes, which are plant endophytes, can be used to assist in tissue culturing in order to prevent plant diseases. This research was internationally acclaimed and led to the issuance of a patent for this special process.

Of course the Institute for Biological Process Research's main focus is on the Akatsuka Group's FFC Technology. This amazing technology is now being used in various products available to the Japanese public such as FFC Pairogen, FFC Ace, FFC Ceramics, FFC Super Essence and many others. This FFC Technology has already been benefiting public health and making real improvements to the environment for many years now. Here at our research institute, a staff of over 20 works daily researching and developing FFC Technology. Our institute's joint research work with Harvard University in the United States has also been continuing since 2004.

We believe in our mission to find more new and novel ways to utilize FFC Technology to improve the lives and health of people worldwide while bringing significant environmental improvements on a global scale.

Tomio Nishimura, Ph.D.
Director of the Institute