Farm Gardens

Rhododendron Garden "Shakunage Garden"

rhododendron garden

In the spring of 2013, the most beautiful season with most flowers in full bloom, one of Akatsuka's Cultivation and Exhibition Farms was opened to the public as "Akatsuka Shakunage Garden" and welcomed many visitors. Akatsuka is a famous producer of popular garden shrubs, mainly large Rhododendron (Shakunage in Japanese) and Photinia (Mie Kaname in Japanese (trade name: Scarlet Pearl)). Akatsuka Shakunage Garden takes up nearly half the ground of Akatsuka's Cultivation and Exhibition Farm which includes this exhibition garden of Akatsuka's original Rhododendrons and a beautiful forest garden. In Akatsuka Shakunage Garden, we have raised approximately 2,000 Rhododendron trees from 110 different varieties, along with other various beautiful garden shrubs. Visitors can enjoy their colorful and lovely flowers throughout the garden in each blossoming season.

The Forest of Hisa


Akatsuka has cultivated a village-themed forest near company headquarters as another Akatsuka Cultivation and Exhibition Farm. We have planted many kinds of flowering shrubs in the village forest, which has long been maintained by people's work, to keep it as a natural park of a new age where people and nature coexist harmoniously. Just 10 minutes from Akatsuka Headquarters, "The Forest of Hisa" was produced by Akatsuka to demonstrate how breathtakingly enjoyable the fruits of flowering shrub cultivation can be. It shows how people's loving hands can bring about a rich flowering natural environment. "The Forest of Hisa" boasts over 200 different varieties of flowering shrubs and other plants. It serves as a natural park. Throughout the spring, you can enjoy over 40 different kinds of Rhododendron in bloom.

Plum tree garden "Suzuka-no-mori Teien"

suzukanomori garden

At the foot of Suzuka Mountains, "Suzuka-no-mori Teien" was opened to the public. "Suzuka-no-mori Teien" is a new sightseeing spot only for limited periods every year. It is born through collaboration between Akatsuka Garden Company and Marumatsu Nursery. Honoring Japanese traditional techniques, these beautiful weeping Japanese plum trees have been cared for and shaped by the "proficient skills of masters". It features a collection of rare and precious weeping Japanese plum trees from all over Japan, the number of which exceeds 200. Many of them are Kureha weeping Japanese plum trees and some are classified in the largest class in Japan. This Garden is designated as a "research and cultivation farm" which enables the Japanese traditional cultivation skills, with such a long history, to be handed on to future generations. The Garden is open to the public only while the plum trees are blooming in the early spring.