FFC Projects

Filanso group endeavors to create a better society with FFC


We created Filanso as an opportunity for people to come together in order to share information, experiences and get the most from FFC Technology. The applications of FFC are limitless. This can seem very daunting or confusing. Some examples just within the home include utilizing FFC products for anti-aging care and maintaining health and vigor every day. Also cooking more tasty and healthy meals. Meanwhile FFC keeps plumbing installations free from rust and clean by naturally keeping grime from adhering to surfaces so the bathroom and kitchen also stay cleaner. There have been many cases in which even the waste water exiting homes became cleaner and better for the environment after continued use of FFC.

There are also many examples outside of the home in various industries. By introducing FFC Technology, businesses can have safer agricultural commodities and produce safer foods and clothing. Hotels and swimming pools with higher quality FFC Water see higher customer satisfaction. Other benefits include productivity growth and significant environmental improvements. Thanks to the firsthand accounts of FFC users and the Filanso group's ability to share this information to support and educate other users, FFC has spread quickly throughout the country.

The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan

expo 2005

Akatsuka contributed FFC Water and FFC Bio-Mist as an official partner in growing "Bio-Lung". At the time it was the world's largest wall of flowering CO2 absorbing vegetation. Not only was the thriving vegetation a success, but during the expo it led to the appearance of over 100 varieties of animals and insects documented living in the Bio-Lung, creating a mini ecosystem in itself. This World Expo exhibition proved that bringing abundant nature to the crowded space of urban areas was, in fact, possible. The idea has taken off worldwide in the years since then.

Environmental improvement


The firefly is not only one of the most awe inspiring insects, it is also one of the most delicate of insects. In Japan, it is said that the firefly is the most telling barometer of environmental health. This simple bug can indicate many things that are difficult to ascertain through scientific testing. Appreciating fireflies in the early summer in Japan used to be as common as appreciating cherry blossoms in the spring. Unfortunately, firefly habitats have been drastically reduced due to environmental deterioration and these days they can be seen only in very limited places. Many groups and organizations have made efforts to revive fireflies in various areas in Japan with limited success.
On the other hand, Filanso group members have experienced many successes with fireflies. The first of these were the consequence of revitalizing water with FFC for other purposes which unintentionally led to fireflies thriving there. To test this, Akatsuka dug an artificial stream on company property near the headquarters to experiment on whether FFC can help to provide the natural environment for fireflies. Later it was verified that fireflies and the tiny shellfish that they feed on, came to flourish on this experimental ground.
In addition to the headquarters of Akatsuka, in the urban metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka as well, people have successfully endeavored to improve the environment so much that a revival of fireflies came about by utilizing FFC Technology. In another case, a community where FFC products were very popular with the residents saw fireflies reappearing there.


There is another ancient barometer of environmental health: eelgrass. In sea areas, Japanese have always looked for "eelgrass" along the coast in order to know if it is conducive to life. Clusters of eelgrass act as a habitat for many kinds of fish and other sea creatures. They are precious grounds for birds and for fishermen. However, eelgrass has dramatically decreased due to the deterioration of the oceanic environment and increases in coastal sludge. In the sea around a business operator who uses tons of FFC revitalized water on a daily basis, it was confirmed that the release of that FFC treated wastewater led to healthy eelgrass returning to flourish where it had disappeared many years before. This is just one of many cases in which utilization of FFC products led to significant environmental improvement in the sea. Cases like this bring even greater expectations for using FFC Technology to reverse environmental damage in the future.