Company History

1961 Company launched as Akatsuka Orchid Farm
1967 First in Japan to succeed in tissue culture of the rare western Orchid
1972 Incorporated as Akatsuka Garden Company Ltd..
Established Akatsuka Orquidario do Brasil Ltda.
1974 Established Akatsuka Orchid Gardens Inc., Hawaii
1984 Established Akatsuka Co., LTD.
1985 Production of FFC Pairogen drink launched
1991 Mitsuo Akatsuka awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon from the Prime Minister of Japan
1995 Established FFC Japan Co., LTD.
1999 FFC Pairogen drink awarded its first MONDE SELECTION Gold Medal
2001 Held the FFC World 2001 exposition highlighting the results of FFC Technology
2002 Incorporated Akatsuka Nursery Thailand
2003 Received award from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for distinguished contribution to regional revitalization
2005 Established a high-speed sea route to the newly opened Nagoya International Airport
2005 Mitsuo Akatsuka awarded for distinguished service in the promotion of horticulture
2005 Participated in the World Exposition, Aichi, Japan of Global Harmony as an official partner of the Bio-Lung project
2005 Mitsuo Akatsuka awarded commendation in recognition of his meritorious deeds on behalf of the citizens of Mie Prefecture

On February 24th 2006 Mitsuo Akatsuka was awarded Brazil's Dom Pedro Primero World Peace Prize


FFC Pairogen drink awarded the Grand Prix of Tokyo International Anti-Aging Award


Held International Forum on FFC Technology in Tokyo which highlighted international research into FFC


Co-Hosted the International Garden Center Association's annual congress for 2010 held in Japan with the members touring the Akatsuka Group


Koichi Akatsuka assumed the position of president & CEO of the Akatsuka Group


Suzuka Forest Garden featurgin weeping plum trees opened in Suzuka city


Rhododendron Garden opened in Tsu city


Red Hill "the Forest of Hisa" opened in Tsu city


Mitsuo Akatsuka received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays