Company Profile

Akatsuka Garden Company

Akatsuka Garden Company

Akatsuka Garden Company is a company deeply-rooted in the horticultural industry. Mainly producing a broad range of garden plants such as Mie Kaname, tropical water lilies, Titanbicus and western rhododendrons. Also directly operating FFC Pavilion which is a gardening specialty store and carries wholesale gardening products.

Superior R & D

Akatsuka Garden Company focuses extensively on research and development. In 1967, before the word "biotechnology" existed, we were first in Japan to succeed at plant tissue cultivation and mass production of orchids; bringing rare flowers within everyone's reach. We are proud of our R & D preeminence.

Company Name Akatsuka Garden Co., LTD.
Address 1868-3 Takanoo-cho, Tsu City, Mie 514-2293, Japan
Phone: +81-59-230-1234 / Fax : +81-59-230-0576
Establishment April of 1972
Capitalization 35 million yen
Business Activity - Production, wholesale and retail sales of ornamental and garden plants
- Export and import trade operation of seeds, seedlings, bulbs, gardening materials and others
- Sales of gift items and promoting products
- Research and development



Akatsuka Company mainly sells and distributes FFC products and provides training through the "Filanso" organization for FFC product users.

FFC PAIROGEN: Setting a new standard for health drinks

More than thirty years after its conception the world has still never seen any health drink that can match it. FFC Pairogen combines vinegars' best health qualities into a base of tested and proven FFC Water that magnifies vinegar's benefits. FFC Pairogen supports your body's water environment which in turn supports your good health. It has even been awarded international recognition, winning consecutive gold medals for both its taste and quality, from the prestigious MONDE SELECTION.

Company Name Akatsuka Co., LTD.
Address 1863-1 Takanoo-cho, Tsu City, Mie 514-2293, Japan
Phone : +81-59-230-1310 / Fax : +81-59-230-1219
Establishment March of 1984
Capitalization 30 million yen
Business Activity - Sales of the FFC PAIROGEN series, a refreshing variety of beverages containing a proprietary mix of vinegars in a base of FFC Water
- Sales of FFC Skin Care Products, FFC Water Revitalization Systems and soil improvement and activation pellets
- Providing product and consumer training

FFC Japan

FFC Japan

FFC Japan Company supports FFC application in every field such as agriculture, livestock, aquafarming, food manufacturing, clothing, construction, restaurants, swimming pools and hotels. It is a corporation which has strived to realize a good balance between economic development and environmental improvement through FFC Technology.

FFC Ceramics and FFC Ace

The main item is FFC Ceramics which improves the function and productivity of water. The other is FFC Ace which is put into the soil to improve the function of water making plants healthier directly and indirectly by restoring the healthy microbiological balance of the soil.

Company Name FFC Japan Co., LTD.
Address 1868-3 Takanoo-cho, Tsu City, Mie 514-2293, Japan
Phone : +81-59-230-3595 / Fax : +81-59-230-3380
Establishment December of 1995
Capitalization 25 million yen
Business Activity - Rental of FFC Water Revitalization Systems and FFC Ceramics Systems mainly for industrial applications
- Rental of Bosco Green Series